Friday, 30 September 2016

Lumia 950 by Microsoft

This phone was released with the first version of Windows 10 for mobile and the first phone by Microsoft. I really like it as the interface which used to be called "Metro" on Windows 8 has been improved to allow more customising and is very quick to load an app. This interface works so much better on a phone or tablet rather than a PC which better with the traditional set up. The best changes made to the design from the Nokia 930 by Microsoft is the addition of an expansion slot of up to 128gb more than enough to hold all your pictures and music. Microsoft are also pushing the syncing of all devices and true enough I have no problems syncing email, calendar, contacts with my PC and IPad. 


I have found it competitive in a package from Vodafone. Of course not everything is perfect. I found the Wi-Fi connection not 100% reliable as you move from one access point to another. Battery life drops very quickly with use of video and running games like most phones, but if you switch off all the unnecessary stuff battery life is much better. One extra item that does drain, is the automatic screen brightness adjustment, unless you are in bright daylight all day switch it off.


Always the main complaint with Windows phone is the lack off apps. Although this is accurate you can get most of all the essential apps like Facebook and Twitter as well as seamless integration of MS Office application like Outlook, Excel and Onenote. I get annoyed by adverts on TV where they claim you can do it on your phone- get the app but is does not exist. I am hopeful this will change with Windows 10 and developers take advantage of the common platform. Overall I would recommend it if you can live without a million apps.

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