Sunday, 3 January 2016

Kindle Paperwhite

I got an original Paperwhite two years ago as a gift and it has without doubt totally changed my reading habits. Now I have just purchased a new Paperwhite at Christmas to replace one of the original keyboard Kindles used by my wife.

Did she like it?, yes she did, best Christmas present this year. I was able to also buy a standard cover for it which has the facility to send the unit to standby, just by closing the cover, a big improvement over having to switch off every read to avoid battery rundown. Does the battery charge last? Yes it does I have had mine for two years with no issues and charges lasting up to a month or more, with heavy usage of 40 - 50 books read per year.

Is it good value? It is fantastic value especially when you buy during one of the Amazon promotions. Priced at £109.99 I saved £30.00 allowing me to get a good cover. 

Personally the invention of the e-reader stands alongside the mobile phone in that it has made a step change in the way I read. Before Kindle I may have read only about 5 - 9 books per year and this mostly at holiday time by the pool. Now I read 40 - 50 per year and enjoying it. You really need to try it but, like Marmite some love it others prefer a traditional paperback.

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