Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Blyss Dehumidifier by B&Q

There is one room in our house which really never gets sunshine during the day and with the ensuite bathroom it gets a damp and mouldy smell. To address this problem I decided on a humidifier would be the answer but which one? There is quite a large range to choose from, cheap to expensive however after some research I selected a 10 litre size would suit the problem. Not wanting to spend a lot of money I settled for a unit branded Blyss sold by B&Q at £99.

The unit has simple controls on the top panel, select the relative humidity you want from four options 40, 50, 60%, or continuous. On reaching the desired humidity it should switch off. My unit is still running after a week of daytime running but a damp room can take up to a week or more to dry out. I must have emptied out around a good 10 litres. The improvement in the room conditions is very noticeable , much reduced mouldy smell and minimal condensation on the window.

For value for money I think this is a winner and providing it does switch off eventually I will know I am sleeping in a much more healthy environment.

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